Festival dechových orchestrů FEDO

CultureVisitors to the town of surprise only beautiful surrounding countryside and its sports, but also a rich cultural life. At its come to all people of all ages. Every two years an international festival held here brass orchestras Fedo, who during their work gained a worldwide reputation as evidenced by visiting orchestras from around the world.Participated in the festival brass orchestras such as the way from Japan or the United States of America. In the last few years, the festival takes place Fedo mini-festival called Ferodo - rock festival of brass bands.

History lovers will appreciate the historic day and an annual folk afternoon entitled "Stetsko ostrev". In this day on Hus Square visitors are fencing groups, jugglers, musicians and period, morning program will end the battle of the story from the history of the city. In the afternoon, then perform folk, country or bluegrass band known and lesser-known names.For young people in the area of ​​skate park skateboard competition held every year ending concert rock bands Live and Let Fly.

The recovery of folk traditions in the town and surrounding villages annually organizes many interesting events. For example, the traditional Carnival, Stračenskou pilgrimage Radouňskou harvest festival or at the very favorite people Steti Stetsko fair.

Film and cinema lovers will delight modernized cinema and film screenings on holiday Hus Square. Athletes will appreciate an annual bike ride to the region called "Tour de Texas" or dragon boat races or football and tennis tournaments.

Even in autumn and winter months, however, in the town's cultural life resting. An example is church music festival called "Organ Autumn", ceremonial lighting of the Christmas tree, live music entertainment or regular theatrical performances in the auditorium of the Cultural Centre or the cinema, supplemented by trips to Prague's theaters.


Map of the Region Štětsko



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