Landscape Stetsko region is very interesting. From the fertile valley of the Elbe Valleyflows into undulating hills (called Doksy hills) with mixed green woods and vales.Geologically the area belongs to the whole body of Mesozoic Cretaceous and the soil isloamy-clay. The average height of the landscape around 320 meters above sea level, the highest elevation is 353 meters Strachal Soils are moderate and loamy and very fertile.Due to the very fertile soil, the traditional livelihood of the local population of agriculture,horticulture and grazing, which added one hundred and fifty years ago very profitable hop.To this day, the landscape is dotted with many fields and agricultural fields cultivated landin which they are klíněny small forest land.
Stetsko forests is very little, although at first glance from the northeast, giving theimpression of Steti sea surrounded by forests. Deciduous forests are only in the floodplain of the Elbe, in the rolling hills in the north, the east is dominated by mixed stands of largeror smaller wooded areas. The eastern part of the territory administered by the town of ispart of the Protected Landscape Area Kokořínsko (PLA). It was launched in 1976 to protect the sandstone blocks that formed the Kokořín kaňonovitých dense network ofvalleys. 


Map of the Region Štětsko



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