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Way of Magpie along the yellow trail, stands not far from each other two baroque chapels.The first, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and from the late 18th century. The chapel was called the Virgin, or a beautiful picture. In the past here on the Feast of the Virgin Marywent Steti procession on the feast of St. Mary Magdalene - 22 July.

Not far from the Marian pilgrimage chapel at the former distance from the forest path toLiběchov Radouň, is the Count's chapel, built in 1720 on the site where subjects snědovičtíone January night ambushed and shot his cruel master Count Johann Wratislaw Clary.

Furthermore, our way leads to a nearby cave and rock formation Mordloch seven loaves.

Mordloch (also a murder hole) is an artificial cave, where he said the Thirty Years War(1618-1648) hid robbers, who were destroyed in a joint intervention to owners ofneighboring estates.

Later he lived and died a hermit. In addition, the yellow tourist route, we encounter a rock sculptures - carved into the sandstone sculptor Václav left, from the early 19th century.Vaclav he left in twenty years as an assistant cook at the castle in Libechov to the thenowner - Anthony Veit. It was a great connoisseur of art, talent noticed the Left and the Leftultimately funded studies in Prague and Munich. Carved rock sculptures created before his departure, he left the studio, and one of the most important attractions of the eastern partStetsko.

Sculptures are called the Snake and Harfenice and the path leads them to a pine forest.The snake is 9 meters long sculpture, carving and its Left apparently inspired viper, whichin the local woods like pine basking. Sculpture is Hafenice representation of a woman whoearned a living at playing the harp, which at that time was completely normal.

A slightly longer trip is offered towards Libechov where in the woods carved "Devil'sHead" - 9 m high reliefs of human heads. But we are heading to the north, the folk architecture. 
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