Landscape Stetsko region is relatively rugged and hilly, so here it is possible to find aplace with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. First place with such a prospectis located near Steti about 3 km east of the yellow tourist route. Magpie village walk yellow tourist trail to a place called "Under Špičákem". Here we turn left and after about 700 meters we reach the basalt hill Špičák (281 m), an extinct volcano crater with a clearly visible. The canine is a beautiful view of the city and surrounding villages Steti, but the PLAKokoříska area.

Second place with a view is not far away, in the village Chcebuz, which is located about 5km northeast of the town of. From a local cemetery to the north of the village is in good visibility, beautiful view of the Czech Central Mountains. From the mountains shrouded inmyths Rip, which alone appears in the southwest of the Elbe lowlands, to the massive sat on the northwest stretches a continuous series of small hills and higher degrees in severalpanoramic, from among the rulers as majestic Milesovka off. Naked eye are visible cityRoudnice and Litomerice. Further east is dominated by mountain Vlhošť gracefully shapeddome and bell-Ron, crowned by the castle ruins.
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Map of the Region Štětsko



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