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Protected Landscape Area Kokořínsko

Protected Landscape Area Kokořínsko interface found on the district Melnik, Czech Lipa and Litomerice. The whole area is situated in the territory comprising 265 km square. The area is very valuable tourist and especially during the First Republic was visited by many for its romantic and unspoiled nature. Kokořínsko was and is sought by Czech and German tourists for at least the mid-19th century. Kokořínsko is very interesting not only geologically, but also botanical, zoological and architecturally. In terms of traditional architecture is preserved many picturesque villages with timbered and half-timbered houses. Protected Landscape Area was established here by the Ministry of Culture of Czechoslovakia in 1976. The area extends Kokořínsko relatively large part of the region in areas Stetsko. There is a very interesting tourist attractions and suitable for hiking and for cycling. These are mainly rocks and massifs such as artificial caves carved rock formation Mordloch or seven loaves. Very famous are also works, monumental rock sculpture Snake Cave Harfenice or Mary Magdalene, the famous Czech sculptor, Myslbekova predecessor, Vaclav Left, who stayed here in the first half of the 40th the 19th century. This beautiful and romantic places you can visit the yellow tourist route that begins in the town of, and then continues to the next rock monuments such as the head or the Devil's Cave Klácelka.

Protected natural formation Radouň I and II.

Another protected area can be found in the village Radouň. Protected natural formation Radouň in two parts with a total area of ​​2.8 hectares, situated in the marl slopes in the area lying north of the village Brotky on a hillside near the road to Křešova Karlovka and space on a hillside south of the road to Čakovice. The main object of protection at these sites is species-rich communities of steppe plants, the most obvious of which are military orchid, gentian Cross, forest anemone, yellow flax and pasqueflower. Military orchid is a perennial herb growing to a height of 25-50 cm, which is in the Red List for the Czech Republic listed in the category of critically endangered species (C2). The area was declared in Radouň protected natural formation in 1983.
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Map of the Region Štětsko



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