Region Stetsko

The Štětí region covers the town of Štětí and its surroundings with the adjacent villages, particularly northwards. The town of Štětí is the industrial and cultural centre of the region. The largest paper production company in Bohemia is located in Štětí. The biggest cultural event in the town is the FEDO National Brass Music Orchestra Festival held biannually at the end of June. In the rural areas of the Štětí region you can find typical examples of folk architecture, sacral structures as well as points of natural interest. Another significant and dominant feature of the region is the Račice Sports Area, the venue for the world rowing and speed canoe championships.


The town of Štětí lies on the south-east border of the Litoměřice district on the right bank of the River Elbe. Flat bank lowlands are bordered in the east by an arc of hills which form the lowest part of Doksy Downs. A not so dominant feature is the basalt Špičák Hill (280 meters above sea level) close to Stračí village. On the left bank of the River Elbe, partially forested elevated tableland, the home of the lonely rising bell-shaped and mythical Říp (456 meters above sea level) Mountain is located and on the right bank of the River Elbe you can see the basalt Sovice Hill (273 meters above sea level).


Map of the Region Štětsko



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