Archaeological findings

Elbe landscape between Melnik and Roudnice nad Labem was inhabited for severalthousand years before Christ. Evidenced by the numerous discoveries of ancient burials,again performed by the light of day in the modern capital construction. One of the largestand most significant findings made ​​in the space 19 Steti in the excavations for buildingfoundations of Masaryk's Czech schools were by then news stories graves skrčencůÚnětický nation. It was a large ethnic group, whose skilled and wealthy members lived inthe Neolithic and Bronze Age to the middle and lower Elbe, Moravia, Silesia and the western Slovak Republic. In the marshy landscape brought Elbe build buildings on stilts,They made of bronze objects of daily use, weapons and jewelry. From the Balticmerchants bought salt and amber, the local rivers and hunted fish and were able to pangold. The dead were buried in a crouching position on pravémboku, facing south. Thegraves were found štětských pins, earrings, bracelets and necklaces with amber beads.Their pottery with noble form, however, not ornaments. Graves cover stone. He found thegrave also, probably a prince, you probably already plundered in ancient times. 

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