Transformations of the Štětí name

A scrivener used the name Stietn on the oldest available documents, the town seal of 1555 bears the name Steeti; in town correspondence dated late in the 16th century, Stiety nad Labem was used. Following the Thirty Years´ War, during Germanization in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, the name of the town was Wegstädtl, which translates along the lines of "a small town by the road". Some researchers suggest that the German name could be created by adding the preposition "ve" to the proper noun Štětí, thus veštětí -> wegstättel. From the late 19th century up to 1938, the Czech name Štětí nad Labem was used in addition to the official German name of Wegstädtl. After World War II, the simplified name of ŠTĚTÍ name was used.


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Map of the Region Štětsko



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