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Strachaly village was called Strachel and the Lomy settlement was called Lummel by their German residents. Today, both settlements are part of Snědovice municipal authority. Strachaly underwent a boom in the late 19th century when 189 residents lived in 33 houses. The current number of residents is 55 including the Lomy settlement and the vast majority of the houses are now used as holiday residences.

In the centre of the village square is St. Jakob chapel from the 19th century. The chapel was reconstructed five years ago. There are several half-timbered granaries and log cabin houses.


The little village of Lomy is undoubtedly of early origin and its name witnesses the Bohemian focus before Germanization and the clear fact that stones were mined in the past. Old deeds report its name as late as the 16th and 17th century. The settlement's destiny was similar to Strachaly to which it always belonged. By the road in the village centre there is a reconstructed chapel, now belonging to the village and its former consecration has been forgotten. Nowadays, the vast majority of the houses are only used for holiday stays. A cottage colony has been created on the southwest periphery.

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