Elbe River is now a net full of fish and becomes a real paradise for fishermen. The river isvery interesting with their arms, creeks, tributaries and various pits that fill with a higher status and create a capital small lagoon full of fish.

In the section of the weir Štětí (lock Račice) 818.9 km line to the weir at Lower RowBeřkovice 830.5 km fishing ground is 13 and from the Elbe Račického lock the 801.9 kmline that is about 1 km above municipalities Libotenice Lounky the PB and the LB (in the direction of Roudnice nad Labem) fishing ground of the Elbe is 11 to 12 Anotherinteresting fishing ground is ground Rowing Račice channel.

Fishing tickets

Fishing tickets issued from 1.7.2011 municipal authorities, charged with municipalauthority in whose jurisdiction the applicant is resident, upon written request.
You can download the application, or pick it up at the Town Office in the town in the information in the office of C. 28 The application must attach proof of qualification(certificate of qualification, a former fishing license, certificate of the examination of fish keeper or guard for fishing), children under 15 must have parental consent.

Contact Person: Ms. Volfová, tel 416 859 314
Steti Municipality, Department of Environment, Office No. 28

Czech Fishing Association, a local organization Steti

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