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The yellow trail starts at the Elbe waterfront cruise ship dock at Port Bohemica. The trail leads us to the picturesque banks of the Elbe to Hus Square Church. Simon and Jude from 1784 to the rectory and Baroque frescoes by the famous painter Josef masterpieces.We continue through the New Square in the city center, the pedestrian zone around the information center to Bezručovy orchards. Here, the site of the former cemetery chapel is Romanesque. Anthony of Padua in 1850. The Bezručovy orchards we go towards the magpie, the village about 1 km southeast of the town of. Here we can notice objects from the mid 19th century fountain in the square or chapel. Joseph from 1818. We will go on Magpie and yellow trail to a place called "Under Špičákem". Here you can turn left and after about 700m we reach the basalt hill Špičák (281 m) with stunning views of the surrounding villages and Steti. After his return to the yellow trail leads us to the "Marian Chapel", which used to be called "The beautiful image" in the past to her processions were held. The next stop on the tourist route is again a chapel, chapel time "County". It was built in 1720 on the site where the subjects of Snedovice murdered his cruel master Johann Wratislav Clary. The Count's chapel turn left and after a pleasant forest path we reach the place, known as Mordloch, artificially carved cave with the tale of highwaymen hiding in the Thirty Years War. Opposite the entrance to the cave is a rock formation with seven loaves, which recalls the shape of seven on each stacked loaves of bread. After the yellow tourist route then continues Kokorinsko beautiful countryside to a place called Snake. This beautiful rock sculpture is the work of the famous Czech sculptor, Myslbekova predecessor, Vaclav Left, who stayed here in the first half of the 40th the 19th century.From here we continue along the yellow or blue route on which we certainly will take place as Harfenice or cave of Mary Magdalene, another rock sculptures by Vaclav Left and their journey leads us into the community or Želízy Libechov. You can also go from the blue snake route in the opposite direction to the village Tupadly. 

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