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The Štětí region covers the town of Štětí and its surroundings with the adjacent villages, particularly northwards. The town of Štětí is the industrial and cultural centre of the region. The largest paper production company in Bohemia is located in Štětí. The biggest cultural event in the town is the FEDO National Brass Music Orchestra Festival held biannually at the end of June. In the rural areas of the Štětí region you can find typical examples of folk architecture, sacral structures as well as points of natural interest. Another significant and dominant feature of the region is the Račice Sports Area, the venue for the world rowing and speed canoe championships.

Top news

Veletrh Brno 2012

Happiness is again introduced at the fair in Brno

Region and the town of Stetsko back after a year at the fair presented travel Regiontour 2012 which the Brno Exhibition proběhnul 12th to 15 January. Stetsko be ranked alongside the town situated on the territory of the Czech Central Mountains and its interesting tourist sites in the project presented to support the tourism gateway to the Czech Republic, which sponsors the Usti Region and is part of Steti.


Instructional putováváním Stetsko you through the bandit Stetka

Twenty-one stop, twenty-one the town of cognition and its surroundings. The project "Stetsko attractive region for tourism" is based on a circuit around třicetikilometrovém Stetsko "Nature Brushes wandering robber." Legendary bandit, who according to legend dwelt in the woods above the cave Mordloch Magpie. From December you will accompany the brush region and twenty-one stops to introduce its historical, natural and cultural attractions.


Unveiling of a statue of the "Path of Life - give me your hand, they dipped their"

Birth, adulthood, old age, death and Universum. These are the names of five of the eight sculptures that will be unveiled on Saturday 5th November 2011 in the village park in the village of Radouň Steti. Wooden sculptures "arose" in the hands of sculptor David Fiala during the summer of this year within the "Path of Life - give me your hand, they dipped their" and symbolize the life cycle - the journey from birth through adolescence to death. The ceremony will take place the sculpture on the square in the village of Radouň 14 hours. The event will also include songs from the musical group The Upanishads.


Trail or landscape Stetsko "Across Texas"

The town of preparing for the next tourist season for all visitors to the region and its residents a new trail. Trail pass through the town of, Snedovice and their catchment villages, countryside, which is popularly known as Texas - which is why the name was chosen trails "Across Texas." The project objective is to provide visitors an attractive and entertaining way, not only with the history of the region, the local fauna and flora, natural attractions, agriculture and forestry, but also with local customs and traditions and cultural heritage. He also pointed out an interesting tourist destinations and show that Stetsko not only industry but also beautiful and varied landscape. The nature trail will be marked in the field and individual stations will be equipped with information boards with interactive elements, which is especially useful for children and youth. Trails project created in collaboration with the Regional Operational Programme and the support of the Northwest European Regional Development Fund.

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Map of the Region Štětsko



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