Rock formations

Geologically, much of the region falls below the orography Stetsko whole Ralsko Upland Hills Doksy being hemmed. The largest precinct and the central hills are Doksy Polomené mountains, which are among the typical sandstone hills. In its western part Polomené moving mountains across the valley to Obrtky Brocenskou Hills duller Auscha hills that fills the southwest area described Polomené mountains are typical of sandstone hills and highlands with many geomorphological interest. Previously used for the area designation also Dubská hills, mountains or Dubská Dubská Switzerland. Polomené mountains are roughly defined lines Libechov, Mšeno, Doksy Holany, Úštěk Chcebuz. It is divided into seven geologically distinct parts (podokrsků), the largest of which is located in the south highlands Kokořínsko Nedvezi with the highest peak (456 m) and from the north and adjacent Žďárská Dubská Highlands.
Area of ​​the region belongs to the Czech Cretaceous basin and is constructed mainly Mesozoic marine sediments. It consists of lifting staroprvohorní chloritických landscape composed of phyllites, quartz and green shale keratophyres. Tertiary volcanic rocks occur as vein fillings as a solid or flue often penetrating Cretaceous sediments. Composed primarily of basalt and phonolite rock. The earlier period čtrtohor apply primarily cover and drifts loess and loess loam in the salient. Mladočtvrtohorní alluvial deposits occupy only small areas of standing in rivers (Elbe, Jizera).

Among the interesting tourist site of the region without a doubt one of the Kokořínsko that extends into the registers Stetsko. The local picturesque countryside is dotted with many sandstone formations, caves and rock massifs Mordloch example, with rumors of robbers from the Thirty Years War. Many of the local rocks were used as material for monumental works of sculptor Vaclav liběchovskému left, who in the fifties of the 19th century has created many interesting rock sculptures. You can nominate as Snake, or rock Harpers Chapel of Mary Magdalen.

Nearby is the Devil's head and Klácelka. Devil's Head are found on a sandstone block above the village Želízy. It is a relief heads of fairy creatures, perhaps reminiscent of devils, carved into two blocks of rock. and it is one of the largest forest sculptures sculptor Václav Left. Klácelka is an artificial cave with reliefs also from liběchovského sculptor Václav Left.It consists of two parts. The first part of the area before the cave, called the Blanik with heroic figures of our national history (the leader of blanického Zbynek Zásmuky troops, the leader of the Hussite troops Jan Zizka and Prokop Holy, sleeping Blanice troops and dwarfs, which they ment guns). The second is his own man-made cave Klácelka, accessible richly decorated portal. Along the walls are stone benches, apparently there stood a stone table. The walls are decorated with reliefs of fables Klácel ferina Fox FM and master French caricaturist Grandville.

All these places are for pedestrians and cyclists easily accessible by both the yellow tourist route leading from Steti and along a bike trail.