Račice village was called Radschitz by the Germans during the Protectorate and is 2 km south-westwards from the town. During the 1890 census, 299 residents with Czech nationality living in 56 houses were recorded. In 2000, Račice had 305 permanent residents. In 1973, a new bridge over the River Elbe, which was hugely required, was opened (the closest bridges were in Roudnice nad Labem and Mělník). In the municipality is the most important sports facility in the region for water sports - SPORT CENTRE RAČICE.  

The Sport Centre Area is 500 metres from the Račice municipality centre. In 1986, the Junior World Rowing Championship took place there followed by the Junior World Canoeing Championship in 1993, the World Rowing Championship in 1993 and then the World Fishing Championship in 1999. All national championships in rowing and canoeing take place there. Today, the area is accessible to the general public almost all-year-round, you can take part in various sports, e.g. cycling, jogging, roller-skating, swimming, fishing, skating on the frozen rowing area etc.