In German, Újezd was called Aujezd. Today, it is administratively integrated to the town of Štětí. In 1888, 188 residents lived in 24 houses. In 2000, the census commissioners reported 44 permanent Czech residents in Újezd. The village lies northwards from Chcebuz on upland sloping down southwards, south-westwards and eastwards. This village is of an age-old origin and the first mention of it dates back to 1115. It was also proven in the 14th century when the village was the property of the knights from Medonosy. Later, the property was owned by different owners originating from minor gentry. In 1605, the village became part of Snědovice manor and together they were associated with Liběchov. In 1860, a big fire destroyed 12 homesteads. There is now a water stream in the village. Water is fed from the spring area westwards from the settlement. Local hop gardens produce excellent quality hops. There is a simple column chapel from 1859 on the street-type village square. The vast majority of the homesteads are now used as holiday cottages.