Sukorady was called Sukohrad or more familiarly Zukradl by the Germans. Today, the village is attached to Snědovice municipal authority. Sukorady underwent a boom in the late 19th century when 421 residents lived in 67 homesteads. Today, 153 residents live there. The most significant structural feature is the Baroque-style master chateau built early in the 18th century. Then the former owners, the Hartmanns from Klarstein, decided to live permanently in Sukorady and therefore started construction after 1700. The chateau was probably finished one year later. The chateau exterior actually corresponds to the architecture of the mid 18th century. The western gate of the farm yard features a stone crest of the Kopetz Knight and the year 1849. As early as 1750, a wonderful garden was planted by the chateau although only the remnants of a partially buried fencing wall remain today. The ancestor of today's chateau structure in Sukorady was first a yard followed by a fortress. We do not precisely know where the fortress stood or when it was constructed. We can only assume that the current chateau is standing on the site of the old fortress.

There are many beautiful houses, mostly dating back to the 19th century, in Sukorady. Formerly, they were opulent farming homesteads, bricked and stoned with ornamental facades along with plain cottages with semi-timbered or simple timbered walls. There are only a few residents; the vast majority are used by holiday cottage dwellers who adapt the buildings for a new lifestyle different from that they were originally intended for.